After months of dying my hair, I finally decided to match my roots and go back to my natural hair color. I could NOT be more happy with my decision. I think that everyone is born with the hair color they are meant to have, and next time i try to dye my hair i am just going to remember that...

Another perk of this decision is that my hair extensions match PERFECTLY now (You can see the picture before i put them in above as a reference!). My hair is finally growing, but to speed things along a little bit, these from Irresistible Me are seriously perfect. Two of my work friends already got them after I wore them in one day. They're so easy to put in (it took me under 2 mins) and you don't even feel them! The box includes a ton of extra hair, but I am only wearing the thickest one in these photos. They make me feel super confident - i know I shouldn't use them as a "crutch" for confidence, but wearing them on special occasions makes them feel that much more special!

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