For every gal who ever wished they didn't chop their locks...

If you have followed me through the years, you may remember my long wavy hair, and you also may remember when i chopped it. i get bored easily with my look, and i am constantly changing it. Since starting my blog I've even gone red twice (here and here). But behind all of these changes I feel the most like myself with long dirty blonde wavy hair. and I couldn't be more antsy to have my hair grow back!

I was never EVER a fan of extensions, but I was able to test these from Irresistible Me, and I feel way less sad about the wait for my hair to grow. You can't tell AT ALL that it isn't my hair, and it makes me happy to feel like my hair is long again - even if it is fake! have you ever tried out extensions before?

Pepaloves dress

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