It's the only time of the year I'll shop at J.Crew ...

So, obviously J.Crew is usually expensive for us common folk. I worked there for years, and loved my discount, but since saying goodbye I know there's a few times of year when it makes sense to shop! With their Fall items arriving, this week is PERFECT! Here's some of my faves...

1. Everyone needs a good pair of brogues for Fall.

2. I have a J.Crew skirt similar to this, and I get a TON of use out of it!

3. My J.Crew sweaters are always Fall/Winter faves, and this one is so fun and colorful! I love this one on sale too.

4. I always love J.Crew jackets, but can't justify them til' sale. This one is rockin' and so is this one!

5. An infinity scarf always makes an outfit more interesting, love this dotted one!

6. I adore Hugo Guiness, and everything about this.

A few new items I'm dying over are this tippi and these boots. Happy Shoppin'!