the story of my NYC Fashion Blogger life...

This dock in Long Beach is quite scenic, especially on a rainy day like this one. I used to come here when I was growing up, and ice skate at the rink right down the street. We would spend the summer days playing at the park, being young, not realizing that we'd come back and visit years down the road filled with nostalgia.

That is why I love living here. It's all good memories, everywhere I go. Childhood is so fresh, so new, so in-the-moment, and the beauty of it is you don't even REALIZE you're present, you just are. nowadays it is quite the opposite... i don't even realize the time is passing me by, it just is. all the memories blend into one, and the days into months... months to years. and BAM, just like that I'm a grown up human being. life is crazy guys...

Forever 21 tee and cardi
UO shorts
vintage hat
LYDC London satchel
LuLu*s (Steve Madden) platforms
And Mary dachshund necklace