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Casual Weekend ❀❁

Beautiful is an understatement to describe today... 50 degrees, inspiringly sunny, endless hours to explore. I took a solo thrifting trip to brooklyn (i used to solo thrift in miami a ton, but not much since i moved here!) and MAN did it feel great. I love driving around brooklyn, city skyline views out my window and so many adorable places everywhere. i ran into some friends at the thrift store and grabbed dinner with a college friend. sometimes all we really need is some fresh air - there is honestly NOTHING greater than wandering aimlessly around brooklyn on a beautiful day.

i'm feeling really optimistic after several months of pessimism, and i think it has to do with the weather. i'm ready to say goodbye to my pale complexion and to let my shoulders and toes breath some fresh air :)

Forever 21 tee & pants
Cambridge Satchel bag
Mark Fisher sandals


  1. After living for 7 years in the coldness and darkness of Nordic countries, I can 100% confirm to you that the weather does affect how we feel... A lot!
    Pessimism is a normal part of life but a prolonged and/ or too often pessimism def. has to do a lot with the weather and the amount of daylight + sunlight!

    Hope that you'll keep on with the positive attitude! :)

  2. So beautiful! Love the hairdo and the outfit!

  3. It's great to hear you're feeling optimistic again, spring always brings out the best in us :)) Loove your pants, perfect for wandering around for hours, just relaxing and enjoying :D

  4. What a lovely adventure! Love your outfit, especially the bag and tee, and it's so wonderful to finally get some spring sunshine to lift our moods! Lovely post :)
    xo Kiki

  5. such a cute outfit

  6. this is so edgy for you and I LOVE IT!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  7. I love how you style the sweet polka dots pants with the perfecto jacket, so cool.
    After a long long winter, optimistic time comes with spring and good weather, I´m glad you are feeling better. :-)


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