Snowy Central Park. ♥

Lately i've been thinking a lot about moments. what makes some trivial memories stick out, while big moments such as middle school graduation may fade away over time? it's seemingly random and never ever predictable. i have this one memory from high school in "The Canoli Kitchen" in boca raton, florida. my friend was balancing a gatorade bottle on my head, and it fell and splashed everywhere in the middle of the line of people waiting. we were young and irresponsible, and honestly we had a case of the giggles... all we could do was laugh hysterically. the rest of the night is a fog - as is the day before it and the day after, but that one 3 minute snippet in time is so vivid, being so young and carefree. yet walking to get my high school diploma during graduation is absolutely blank.

i've been trying to slow down lately, and remain present in moments so more of these special snippets happen. i truly think they make up the things in life that have meaning. walking around central park in the snow was surreal.. it was Valentines day, the ground was beautifully white and my Dolce Vita sneaks blended in perfectly. the world gets quiet when it snows. ♥

what's a special moment you return to?

Pepaloves coat
Vintage hat
Cambridge Satchel Co. bag
Dolce Vita Oriel Sneakers