Arctic Freeze at NYFW

Karma is a B, and us fashion lovers must have some prettttty bad Karma. After living through my first winter, I swear that this week has been by far the COLDEST week. I swore off fashion week last Sept, but I am a believer in second chances. I took off on Friday and attended some showroom collection previews, parties, etc.

Here's my fashion week mentality:

1. NEVER take for granted the incredible opportunity to be places I never dreamed I'd be invited to. But...

2. Don't lose site of who I am.. just a normal girl living the the burbs', and always stay grounded because it is easy to get lost in the materialism of it all.

What's your two cents about the whole thing?

LuLu*s suede jacket
vintage sweater
vintage bag
ASOS boots

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