360 degree change.

This weekend my 85-year-old grandma told me, "I HATE RED HAIR." no, she isn't color blind and yes she did tell me directly to my face, knowing i just dyed my hair red. i've always been one to stick with my guns though, and while it is a huge change, it is one i've let in with open arms! sometimes it's good to go out of your way to make a lifestyle/ style change, whether it be something as small as switching out the purse you usually carry or something as large as changing jobs/ states/etc.

to be honest, this year i changed my entire existence, which is why i needed a break from this blog. it was a lot of change at once. i changed jobs, states, houses, hair lengths, hair color, friends, etc. etc. it happened really quickly, and it definitely overwhelmed me. but i am still here! my world isn't upside down, not even close. and you know what? all my favorite boots (like these) came with me, and they make me feel a little bit more at home :)

so here's to change..we can do it gals! i am going to conquer my world by continuing to make positive changes, even if they are hard.

jacket: J.crew
skirt: UO
blouse: vintage
boots: vintage
scarf: vintage

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