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holiday looks & home peeks!

vintage fashion blog, holiday outfits, nyc vintage blog, plaid pinafore
vintage fashion blog, holiday outfits, nyc vintage blog, plaid pinafore
vintage fashion blog, holiday outfits, nyc vintage blog, plaid pinafore

Matt has been out of town, so excuse the slow week on my blog :) Here's two looks that I've been re-wearing for this holiday season (and claude being the cutest thing ever). jeans, a festive sweater and a plaid scarf can never be wrong!! and a vintage pinafore dress... paired with this turtleneck that i snagged last year from j.crew because i knew someday i would live in NY and need it! gotta keep thinking ahead :)

My living room is the one room in my house that i consider my ongoing "work in progress." I got a 1970's vintage couch yesterday that I can't wait to share with you guys, but the rug may have to go now. I thought a rug was a good idea, but i'm starting to think it creates extra hassle. Claude is always pushing it and messing it up - dogs + rugs = not a great idea. how do you upkeep the carpet/rugs in your home? any tips?

Look 1:
vintage dress
J.crew tissue turtleneck
J.Crew Janey ballet flats  (old)

Look 2:
J.Crew skier sweater
Vintage boots
J.Crew scarf


  1. love the plaid dress

  2. Everything looks very cozy and festive, beautiful photos!

  3. LOVE these looks!!! I'm so mad about plaid this season.


  4. I'm in love with those vintage boots, I need to find some!

  5. Perfect holiday looks! xx

  6. The rug will stay in place if you get a mat to go under it, a couple of them are here:

    Our problem is that our pup sheds all over our rug! The only rug in the house and of course he loves to lay on it.

  7. I love your outfits (great inspiration for the holiday season!) and that part of your living room looks great with that beautiful tree!

  8. I do so love a good rug, and that's a good 'un you've got yourself there, but I totally know what you mean about having a dog with one. I'm always about to buy a rug for my living room and then my roommate's little Chihuahua does something that convinces me that it's not the best idea!

  9. aw! i feel the magic christmas atmosphere :) <3


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