some feelings...

moving away can feel really gut wrenchingly lonely. i remember how this feeling once felt when i first moved to miami, before i even started my blog. i knew nobody (except matt), i had no car, and i worked in an office with only one other person. i spent a lot of time alone.

after the excitement and dust has settled here in NY, i felt my first tinge of loneliness this weekend. i have my family here, i have friends, but it's the resetting and refinding of routines that hurts the heart. i had weekly dinner dates with girlfriends in miami, i had a group of blogger friends, i knew local faces on lincoln road. i know that i will 100% feel that here, soon, someday. just not yet. i snapped these alone in my home tonight. sometimes when i feel lonely, taking pictures makes me happy.

what do you do to cure loneliness? ♥