i'm here!

forever 21 striped shirt, alexandra grecco skirt
striped forever 21 shirt

brooklyn apartments, brick apartments
long beach boardwalk, leather jacket, forever 21 striped shirt, alexandra grecco skirt
long beach boardwalk, rainy day outfit
matt degreff long beach new york
forever 21 striped shirt, alexandra grecco skirt
leather jacket, long beach boardwalk, outfit
After 48 hours of driving, two days of packing and unpacking and a hotel stay in Virginia we are finally in our new home of Long Beach, NY! we have tons of reasons why we chose to live outside of brooklyn and NYC, a few of them being:

my family all lives on long island
my new job is on long island
we love being right across the street from the beach
we are able to have more space for less $$
during the cold winter months we don't have to walk places, we can drive in our toasty cars!
we don't have to regularly rely on the subways to get around

... basically, while we love the option of going into NYC any day of the week, we love the normality of life in long island. so here we are, in the place i've dreamed of living in since i was 15! ♥

tee: Forever21
skirt: Alexandra Grecco
jacket: Chicwish
shoes: J.Crew