sunflower overalls; the kid in me!

sunflower overalls, vintage boots, kipling bag, miami fashion blogj.crew blouse, sunflower overalls, vintage black boots
sunflower overalls, j.crew blouse
kipling bag
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Just being a kid again, wearing overalls again, and of course carrying a Kipling bag. Today is my last day of work before we move (in JUST 5 DAYS!).

I almost feel like my life is hitting the refresh button. do you remember that feeling after the summer months in school when you could show up on the 1st day being whoever you wanted to be? there was a certain mystery about "what people did all summer" or who they became with 3 months off. I was excited to attend the #Back2Kipling event and pick out this cute handbag from the adorable new collection, just perfect for my new adventures! It's lightweight, which works great for carrying my camera! I also got to meet the cutie on the catalog, Megan Nicole, who performed.

I am so ready to re-invent my life; to show up on day 1 being the me I want to be! Xo

overalls: choies
bag: Kipling
top: J.Crew
hat: vintage
boots: vintage