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summer days, drifting away.

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miami fashion blog
miami fashion blog

today i woke up sick. everyone in my office has been slowly getting sick, and i kept thinking NOT ME! But, alas, here I am with a fever. it's nothing too serious, i just feel only 60% there mentally. and i am not craving coffee, which to me is a number one sign of sickness. the nice part about my job is that i can still get all of my work done at home! writing from my bed makes me wish i had a lounge chair at my desk to work from on a regular basis!

it's interesting how the world is headed in this direction though. I have to wonder if someday we will all work from home, so companies can save money on overhead expenses. It feels great, but it also removes that human interaction piece to working on a team that I love. every monday i look forward to seeing everyone and finding out about their weekend. what do you guys think, would you prefer to work from home?

overalls: Koshka
blouse: pepaloves
hat: vintage
shoes: Zara


  1. Cute Outfit!

  2. I agree with you about working from home - it's nice every once in a while but it can be incredibly isolating after a little bit. I find that I become really antsy when I'm not in the work environment surrounded by everyone I know.

  3. I'm totally in love with these overalls!!

  4. Such a cute pinafore and lovely blouse :) I don't think I would get any work done if I worked from home haha. Too many distractions. It would be nice to have the option though when I'm sick or just getting back from vacation.

  5. what a gorgeous look!
    love your style!
    kisses to you!
    Maren Anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  6. Very cute jumpsuit!!

  7. Amazing overalls!

  8. I'd LOVE to work from home. My commute is 45 minutes, and it seems so ridiculous when everything I do can be done anywhere, anytime.

    xo Amanda

  9. Oh no!! feel better :)
    I mean I love to work from home because in a way you create your own schedule but intereaction is always good. if the time comes where we just all work from home, maybe bi weekly meetings with your team would be enforced.
    feel better!
    Xo, Belen

  10. I haven't read your blog in a while so hadn't seen the haircut. I really like it. Totally cool.

  11. Working from home is great, but I like people too much to want it ALL the time.

    I hope you feel better! We missed you at work!


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