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miami fashion blog
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walking the dog
zip-a-dee-doo-dah! I'm feeling ZESTY lately, with a little bit of confidence and a lot of sass. it could possibly have something to do with the outrageous amount of trips on my list this month. here's a list of reasons i am excited. leave me your list in the comments, so we can all be happy together!

☞ i will be in NY this weekend!
☞ i will then be traveling to Spain for 5 days!
☞ Miami Swim Week is in less than a month!
☞ then it's my birthday (should i really be excited, or am i too old?)
☞ then it's our yearly vacation to martha's vineyard

i mean wow. if i ever sound less than chipper, please slap me ☺

blouse: misguided
jumper: grey dog vintage boutique ===> amazing vintage, i promise!
shoes: F21
headband: vintage