flowers & a smile.

floral skirt
floral skirt, summertime
floral skirt
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miami fashion blog
miami fashion blog
hello guys and dolls. still feeling a bit under the weather, but i made it back into work (and to the surprise of a new desk, with beautiful natural lighting!) my sickness is weird.. i am not congested, just overall tired and lazy, and without an appetite. i am hoping it goes away soon, because it doesn't feel pretty.

luckily matt comes home today from nicaragua and can take care of me! In the meantime, i just keep continuing to dress up, because what makes you feel better than looking dazzlin'? pretty much nothing. except maybe tea and soup. ♥

have any of you felt sick like this before?

top: h&m
hat: F21
skirt: F21
shoes: UO
necklace: vintage
sunnies: ZeroUV

P.S. I freelance for the Forever 21 blog now! You can see my first post here :)