miami beach moments.

here are a few little moments from monday thru friday in my miami beach universe ♥ it has been overcast and rainy, but so very lovely outside.

1. at the kickoff party for miami fashion week last night with dany from nany's klozet ♥ so excited i get to see her so much this week!

2. & 3. matt just snagged this amazing yashica on ebay. we cannot wait to shoot with it!

4. shooting something fun for Forever21. this month i started to freelance with them, which is super exctiting!

5. the flowers look so pretty when the wind knocks them off of the trees.

6. claudie at my parents house. she alway sits on the couch like that!

7. a snapshot on our walk out to dinner. i liked the color of the wall, but it came out weird in the picture...

has anything special happened to you this week? share away! xo

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