miami beach moments.

i live in this vibrant, beautiful and tropical place that i pinky promise to share more of with you. i've been bringing my little camera along with me on more adventures, here are some snapshots of the week.

1. we love walking by this retro mint building on pennsylvania avenue.

2. claude always sits in this chair, and i finally captured her perfectly.

3. a brunch date at the 11th street diner.

4. a trip to the flamingo park pool on a really hot day.

5. PAUL for lunch, except we didn't like our food much so we decided we're over paul =)

6&7. our dear friend Zak The Baker finally opened up his bakery this week! his opening party was lovely.

8. i came home to the best surprise from my aunt yesterday, a batch of cards made out of her sketches. ♥

Do you like these type of posts? if yes, i will make sure to post one every week! xo

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