miami beach dusk in florals.

miami fashion
miami fashion
miami fashion

miami is by far the most beautiful at dusk, so i of course had to capture it for this little ole' miami fashion blog ♡ the houses are mint, the skies are cotton candy colored and me-- well i match too, and not out of coincidence. i've been in the mood for pastel/vintage outfits, so here's a fun one (i think). the blouse is a bit oversized, but the collar and pattern were too good to pass up, and it has proven a perfect layering blouse in the fall.

last night i went and saw The Faint with a group of my nostalgic friends who wanted to step back into highschool for one night. it was quite a time, and brought back tons of memories, although it left me a bit sleep deprived. there is tea in my future. have a lovely wednesday.

blouse: vintage
skirt: insane jungle
boots: vintage
hat: vintage