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watermelon dress
watermelon dress
miami fashion blogmiami fashion blog
miami fashion blog

all it takes is a tiny hint of loneliness to remember how wonderful human beings are to know, and to be surrounded by. when matt travels for work, i walk on lincoln road with claude and i gravitate toward the most logical place to find friends, j.crew. i spent the evening catching up with old co-workers, and remembering how beautiful it is just to KNOW someone, anyone, everyone-- and to stay in touch. 

i have two kinds of friends in my life; the first kind makes an effort to stay connected (to myself, and to others) and the second kind makes no effort. as i grow older, i just know it feels right to be the first kind of friend, the person who still sends a messsage/text/e-mail/skype ANYTHING once in a blue moon, so as not to fully disconnect. some days i look around and think how awful humankind is (as i'm sure everyone does sometimes). but a majority of the days, and especially recently, i think about how lucky we are to know each other. because without each other we would all be nobody. so thank you for making me feel like a somebody. ♥

dress: pepaloves
bag: F21
hat: F21
glasses: ZeroUV


  1. Gorgeous! Love the adorable dress.

    And also, as a former J. Crew-er myself I definitely agree. Love seeing familiar faces at such a wonderful and fun brand. Miss being a part of it all!

    xox L

  2. Super cute!! Love your shoes, they're gorgeous :)

  3. Super cute!! Love your shoes, they're gorgeous :)

  4. I loveeee this dress. Such a super cute print for the summer.


  5. Rad print! Lovely cut out dress!


  6. It's so hard to maintain friendships as we get older. Good for you for making an effort to keep in touch though. Also, that watermelon print on your dress is just too cute.

  7. I'm about to graduate from high school and I'm so worried about that--about becoming the kind of person who doesn't stay in touch, or worse, having my best friends be those people. I never want to lose these friendships, and these memories, but we're all going across the country from each other for college! I guess I'll just have to have faith that if we're going to stay friends, it will happen. And I'm confident that we will :)

    Anyway, love this outfit. the Hasbeens are so cute and such a bold red--I love it!! Also love the cutouts in that sweet printed dress :)


  8. With everyone's duties is so difficult to keep in touch with friends, kuddos for you to make the effort an be in the first kind :) love the watermelon pattern in your dress! great outfit.

    The cat, you and us

  9. The shoes are to die for!!!

  10. such a cute dress!!

  11. Yes, I agree. It's very nice to find yourself lost somedays and then you remember that there is someone... maybe someone far way for some nonetheless that would give anything to talk to you.
    cute lipstick by the way
    Xo, Belen
    Androbel (New giveaway!!)

  12. Such a cute dress, it looks great on you. Love this outfit <3

    The Quirky Queer

  13. you look sooo cute!!

    much love,
    maze from

  14. Such a lovely post. I'm slowly learning how to be a better friend and having good friends definitely helps. This is a gorgeous summer outfit.


  15. The watermelon print is wonderful. I wish I could pull off the cutout look like you.


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