caturday date.

saturday is always my favorite day to wear cat clothing. i thrifted these overalls thankfully, because every pair i've tried on in stores fits me awkwardly! i have a small waist with hips, sometimes a tricky body type to dress ;) vintage clothing usually does the trick.

life has been extraordinarily busy, so when i have two hours to lie in bed with my puppy and click around the internet/ watch game of thrones... that is a blessing. between work and freelance gigs and blogging the days can become muddled. it's always a good thing to be busy though. i think a trip to NY or to Nashville is in order this month =D. xo

p.s. i will be slowly adding/ selling some items in my store. it definitely won't be as frequent as it used to be, but stay on the lookout!

blouse: "pepaloves"
overalls: thrifted
boots: vintage
hat: vintage
bag: for sale in my store