when miami spring style transforms into miami summer ♥

happy happy friday from this little miami blog! i am drinking my friday morning coffee getting ready to leave for work, as i'm sure a lot of you who are reading this are doing as well. isn't it funny how so many of us lead totally different lives, yet i am sure our routines are not so different. i think about that sometimes. everyone works. everyone loves. everyone eats. we all have similar issues, similar fears. it's somewhat comforting, isn't it?

i wore this outfit to work yesterday-- i take business casual to a new level. i know that "professional" spaces have tons of people in slacks and silky tops with pumps, but that just isn't ever going to be me. i am so grateful to be able to wear clothes that make me feel like myself every day! i thrifted these boots with my friend ella in NYC last month, and they are a quick fave ♥ hope your weekend is a good one!

blouse: insane jungle
skirt: romwe (old)
boots: vintage
bag: "pepaloves"
hat: vintage