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sunny vintage saturday. ☼

i absolutely adore these boots, but they are the TOUGHEST to style. do you ever feel like certain shoes just make you look stumpy? something about the shape of them makes me feel shorter than i am, and while i adore the look of doc martens with dresses, i am always hesitant about trying it out on myself. i wanted to balance out how trendy the shoes are, so i paired them with one of my favorite floral vintage dresses. i felt a little bit out of my element still, but hey, fashion is supposed to be fun, so i'm okay with trying something new!

we roadtripped up to orlando this weekend because matt had a job on sunday, and i felt like tagging along. we met in orlando in 2009, so it was loads of fun re-visiting old places and seeing old faces. something about that city will always make me really nostalgic, but i am glad i moved on and moved away. i hope you all have a lovely monday, and are not too swamped with work =) xo!

dress: vintage (sold!)
bag: romwe
boots: Forever21
hat: Forever21


  1. those boots are so cute! I know that F21 has them in mint green <3

  2. Love that dress on you! So pretty! Love your style!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  3. Beautiful outfit! You always look so pretty and girly :)

  4. Adore your dress! Your styled it perfectly!

  5. I think these boots look amazing on you! Absolutely love how you've styled them, the matching sunglasses are adorable <3

    Adventures of an Anglophile

  6. cutee! love the dress and the boots look good with it. also, this short hair looks awesome on you.
    Xo, Belen
    Androbel Insider

  7. Cute! Love the floral! Alex

  8. Such a lovely outfit! I love how the boots complimet it perfectly, yet geive it a tiny tine bit of edge. It's perfect :)

    Have a nice day,
    Here is my confession

  9. I really love the boots, they're such an unexpected shoe to pair with that dress and I love that!

  10. Alright, stop being so dang cute. And your legs do not look stumpy in those boots! The dress totally balances them out. ;) Looooove.

  11. I was tepted to pick up a pair of floral print boots last week; I literally fell in love with those for the first sight years ago, but when I put them on, they looked - or at least felt - very frumpy and seemed way too hard to style...:/

  12. Cute print, cute sunglasses, cute boots. Just all round seriously cute! <3

    The Quirky Queer

  13. Your boots are my favorite part of the outfit. Love that they come from f21.

  14. this dress is adorable <3 but i'm in love with your boots tho :)

  15. Lovely ensemble! Cute boots and lovely vintage dress. So love vintage dresses and the fact that it's a floral print,perfect! I found a nice floral dress from I might do a little alteration with it. And just wanna know where you got your cat eye sunglasses? Dying to have it.

  16. these shoes look amazing with this dress, you don't need to worry! :)


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