pastel sprinkled donuts.

i must confess, t-shirts are not my favorite article of clothing to wear, and they make me feel really lazy when i wear them. until... the invention of the donut t-shirt. for a sweets obsessed maniac like myself, this one was a no brainer. with the arrival of the springtime and the florida heat, i have been pulling out all the fun colors that i hid away during the "winter months" (not the winter, because i can't pretend we have one here). even with a lack of seasons, i still crave seasonal colors! lavender is one of my go-to hues during the spring, and i recently added this AA hat to my wardrobe :) happy spring, happy monday!

t-shirt: Forever21
collar: Mcculla + Marley
skirt: Romwe
bag: Forever21
hat: AA
shoes: LeBunny Bleu