cozy cold beach

we spent matts birthday at the beach in lahinch, a tiny surf town, because surfing is his favorite thing and surfing in ireland was one of his dreams. it was a gorgeous overcast day that was not too chilly, and i felt like being a cozy beach bum! i snagged this sweater from the GAP, and loved it so much i bought it in two colors, which i swear i never do. my mom used to do that when i was younger and i thought she was insane, but now i understand. i really like the beach in the colder months, it has a totally different vibe. it is quiet and serene, and there is a lovely peacefulness to walking all bundled up and watching the waves crash. hope you had a lovely friday. ♥

sweater: GAP
pants: Forever21
shoes: vintage
hat: h & m
bag: Forever21

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