a rainy day in knee highs ♥

i drove home from work in the ugliest of thunder storms, and was sad because we planned on walking miss claudie and snapping outfit photos. instead, matt made some coffee via the coffee press and i sat on my favorite chair collection watching the rainfall. i changed into this adorable vintage inspired dress for the afternoon, which i can only wear with knee highs (or it seems a bit too short). the perfect marriage of coffee, a micro mini dress & knee length socks. the world is in beautiful balance// or at least my microcosm of the universe is. ♥

my first two days of work have been lovely. change is so SO refreshing. i need to remind myself from now on that taking risks is a wonderful thing, and that a life change can turn your whole world right-side-up. the sun is shining brightly through this miami rain. have a beautiful evening.

dress: chicwish
shoes: vintage
glasses: Ozeal glasses