a miami tale.

the past hour has sent this day in a downhill spiral, but i know that days like this just happen. i was exiting a parking garage in coconut grove after a lovely and relaxing hour and a half yoga class, and i was unaware that my two hour parking limit was up. the grumpy man in the parking garage told me i owed $1.50, and i explained to him nicely that i had no cash and asked if i could return tomorrow to bring some, or if he could let me slide on this one occasion. he said no, and insisted that i take out money from the ATM that charges a $3 charge for a $1.50 payment. but.. so is life. so i placed my phone in the cup holder of my car and took the money out.

little did i know, the styrofoam cup from my iced coffee earlier had broken and the coffee drowned my phone to its death. :( so, i am currently phoneless. these tiny blips in life-- it is so difficult to not let them kill your spirit. i had such a beautiful day (it was someones birthday in our office & we had cake, i did yoga next to one of my favorite girlfriends, tomorrow is friday) but when your overpriced piece of technology that 2/3 of your life depends on breaks, it is so hard to remember all of the happiness that the day was filled with. in the end i guess that is why money is money and happiness is happiness, and sometimes you just need to spend the money to fix the problem and remember that life is beautiful, and in the end your unfortunate luck will equal itself out. goodnight loves.

sweater: thrifted
collar: Mcculla + Marley
skirt: F21
bag: vintage
boots: vintage
hat: vintage