the best day ever: part 1.

i am not about to bombard you with an endless amount of wedding content, but i have had many requests to share more wedding photos, and since we just received them back from our incredible photography regina rached (who i highly recommend!), here we are! i decided to split them into two posts, so here's photos from before the ceremony with some little details! i made all of the favors and decorations myself, with the only exception being the flowers. it was a really fun process, and to see it all come together on my wedding day was so rewarding! i hope you enjoy the photos. we leave for our honeymoon to ireland tomorrow, so i will be posting again soon! you can follow along on instagram here!

my dress: J.Crew
my bag: vintage
my shawl: vintage
my shoes: Red Valentino

Matt's suit was J.crew
socks: Modcloth 
Button up: Express
Tie: Banana Republic