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glistening ☆

i am so very tired. i am not going to sugarcoat it, working any variety of a retail job can wear you out. i'm sure many of you can attest to that, since a majority of retail workers are girls who drool over clothing, sell it all day, and then go home and read blogs/browse pinterest. we're sick, aren't we? i've hit the point in my week where i just want to curl up in my marshmallow bed and not see the light of day for a solid 24-hours.  the most obscene confession i have to make is that even though i am surrounded by clothes for over 50% of my day-to-day time, when i see something that is special i still get so excited that my heart beats a little faster. enter-- this jacket. i love the idea of a regular every day jacket with a little bit more glitz and glam. plus, in the duration of my clothing-filled existence, i've never seen a anything like it. ♥

do any of you work in retail?

blouse: vintage
jacket: NYLON Shop
skirt: F21
boots: vintage
bag: vintage coach


  1. love that jacket

  2. as a fellow retail(er?), I get where you're coming from.

    it always surprises me too how I'm able to continually feel visceral reactions to new clothing, even when I see so much every day.

    must be true love

  3. THIS JACKET!!! I love love love it!!!


  4. Perfect festival look!

  5. Such a pretty jacket! You look beautiful!

  6. Obsessed with your jacket and boots!! So cool!

    x Kenzie

  7. Love this outfit! The glitter on the jacket really makes the outfit stand out <3

  8. Not in retail but I've been a waitress for many years and have dealt with much the same customer. But then I had to wear a uniform so any kinds of clothes thrilled me to wear after I finished work

  9. I work in a fabric store, which is more aggravating than when I cashiered at a clothing store, because I'm constantly getting ideas for things to make that are way beyond my skill level, and the ratio of ideas to time in my day is unbalanced too, so the fabric pile it builds. . .
    It is a happy kind of torment :) J'adore your jacket <3

  10. Love this style!! <3 You look amazing! Could you tell me where your sunnies are from? Kisses from belgium

  11. You're pics are very nice :)
    and your outfit it's super cool
    very style

  12. yeap. we are absolutely crazy haha. the jacket is beautiful, very different and it works for daytime too so that makes it more awesome!
    xo Belen, Androbel Insider

  13. I work in retail and I hear you. Sometimes it's hard being happy and on and chipper that much :)

  14. Ugh, clothes, the struggle is reeal! I adore this look, and I totally feel the same about that jacket, simply lovely<3

  15. Loving this whole look!

    xo Jennifer

  16. I love this entire outfit! That jacket is a show stopper!

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  18. I've always wondered, what's your job? or career? I'm so interested in knowing because I'm so unsure of my own career path.


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