glistening ☆

i am so very tired. i am not going to sugarcoat it, working any variety of a retail job can wear you out. i'm sure many of you can attest to that, since a majority of retail workers are girls who drool over clothing, sell it all day, and then go home and read blogs/browse pinterest. we're sick, aren't we? i've hit the point in my week where i just want to curl up in my marshmallow bed and not see the light of day for a solid 24-hours.  the most obscene confession i have to make is that even though i am surrounded by clothes for over 50% of my day-to-day time, when i see something that is special i still get so excited that my heart beats a little faster. enter-- this jacket. i love the idea of a regular every day jacket with a little bit more glitz and glam. plus, in the duration of my clothing-filled existence, i've never seen a anything like it. ♥

do any of you work in retail?

blouse: vintage
jacket: NYLON Shop
skirt: F21
boots: vintage
bag: vintage coach