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castles and fields of green in Northern Ireland ♚♛♞

i am not the type of girl who can just throw on sweats and sneaks and go for a hike-- because matt and i love to shoot photographs along the way, and i like to wear fabulous vintage in these photos. i wouldn't exactly consider myself "high-maintenance" because i'm okay with outdoors-y activities and i never mind breaking a little sweat, but i just have a fine appreciation for beautiful film photographs in obscure locations, and if i can be in the photographs wearing vintage, well that's all the more fun! so we hiked up cavehill in belfast and i wore this beautiful vintage coat that i picked up in dublin along the way. the only exception to my rule were the shoes, and to be honest these hunter boots saved my freaking life. they were so muddy by the end of our hike, it almost made me sad to see how gross they looked!

we stayed in this adorable bed and breakfast called evelyn's b and b and it truly felt like we stepped into a wes anderson film, or a compartment of one of my childhood dollhouses. it was by far the best room i've ever slept in. we also saw belfast castle, which is beautiful on the outside, but absurdly modernized on the inside (which was somewhat of a let down). there were cat statues in the gardens in all shapes and sizes, which was definitely my favorite part. i will post more soon =) xo!

dress: pepaloves
coat: vintage
boots: hunter
bag: F21


  1. everything looks so beautiful, you've really made me want to visit ireland! and that b&b looks like a dream! also, your coat is fabulous:-) xx

  2. Woah, it is actually crazy how much Ireland looks like New Zealand! Lord of the Rings moment, much? ;) Love your vintage coat, and thank goodness for Hunter boots!

    Lost in the Haze

  3. Stunning pictures! Really inspiring!

  4. love that room!

  5. Beautiful photos! Ireland is such a gorgeous country!

  6. I know exactly what you mean! I just don't want to lose the opportunity to take pretty photos when there's a great location around us. Though my boyfriend would probably love if I just threw on some gym clothes and went out hiking with him, there could be lost picture opportunities!

    But anyway, you look wonderful and the scenery is gorgeous. I definitely want to make a trip there someday.

  7. Adorable coat! New follower on Bloglovin' <3 Alex


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