are you on a mission, or are you just cruising around?

my nyc days are years behind me, and i am the first to admit, i am a little rusty. the constant growth and change in the city is tiring to keep up with, and i am extremely lucky to have friends who are still residing in the bubble who can guide me on my visits! my friend ella played tour guide for matt and i, and showed us around greenpoint, brooklyn. I had never spent much time there because everyone always told me the infamous "G" train made it a hard destination to reach, but it is adorable. the streets are lined with polish bakeries, coffee shops and little vintage stores! brooklyn has developed into an entirely new animal, totally separate from NYC (and not just in W.Burg), which is incredible considering my dad was nervous when i told him i was moving to bushwick in 2009. 

later in the evening, we grabbed mexican food in the lower east side, and headed back to long island. next stop, ireland!

sweater: UO
jeans: old, not sure!
boots/hat/coat: vintage

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