an all black outfit for a night with EXPRESS ♥

my grandma frances used to bring bags full of rainbow colored tops from Express to our house in the 90's. it was her FAVORITE store, so when I had the opportunity to host/attend the Express Runway show, i was excited to say the least! the event was one of the most fun in miami in a long time, and it was so amazing to be able to host with all of my blogger babes who i love so much! we really have such a lovely group here in miami, and it's amazing that Express supports us all, and came from NY to host the event! Chris Bosch was at the event (and even sat right in front of me!) which was incredible, because Matt just loves the Heat! The looks were boho and beachy, which is perfect for this festival season! My favorite piece was definitely a sequined jacket that said "LOVE" on the back.

I wore a black cropped top with these fabulous pleated shorts! I had to make the outfit more "me" so i added knee-highs and my favorite vintage hat! It was a cold evening, so the cardigan was an afterthought! I hope you like the pictures :)

top: Express
shorts: Express
bag: Express
shoes: Express
hat: vintage

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