a breath of fresh air.

soft light on windy afternoons off in flowy baby blue floral skirts and shoes with bows on them.

i have a cozy, plant-filled courtyard that i am embarrassed to admit we don't get much use out of, but today we brewed coffee in the coffee press, filled up a couple of weenie mugs and allowed claude to get some energy out. sometimes all it takes to feel happy is a breath of fresh air, and a seat perched in the middle of the most action you've seen all day-- your weenie dog running in circles in the grass.

happiness is hard to find (some weeks, or months), but when you do find it, you just have to hug it tightly for as long as you possibly can.

blouse: thrifted
skirt: romwe
bag: c/o furla
shoes: RED Valentino
sunnies: chicwish