when the sun sets on south beach after work...

here's an outfit post! it is nothing special, and it is a lot of J.crew, but it is what i wore to work today on this very day to dress mannequins and be comfortable! it has been extremely hectic since our return (and going back to work / catching up) but i think in a few more days i will feel back to normal! tonight i am pretty sleep deprived and full of junky foods, which never feels too great. ;) we all have those weeks sometimes though, dont we? when our co-workers bring in donuts and we eat one too many, or our workload forces us to rise 3 hours before normal human times, or we are soooo tired after work that going for a run seems hilariously out of the question. yup!

p.s. the glasses are because sleepy eyes. =)

blouse: j.crew
pants: j.crew
shoes: j.crew
jacket: 90's GAP