the best gifts.

the end of my wedding knocked the wind out of me. i am very excited to be married, but was so sad to see everyone return home to their far away residencies scattered throughout the world. the best gifts in life are definitely family and friends, and the end of my special day was my wake up call to create togetherness amongst the close friends who do live nearby. growing up, my grandpa david created a unique bond amongst my (weird & crazy) family by hosting dinner parties and inviting everyone he knew. i'd eat bottomless bowls of grandma's too-oily chicken soup, haagen-dazs chocolate coated ice cream pops and homemade sugar cookies, and my grandma would still say, "you didn't eat enough baby." but today, as a grown-up, i realize that those nights with all of my cousins, aunts and uncles created a closeness that cannot be forged.

and so, matt and i invited all of our favorite people over last night for a potluck to continue that beautiful feeling of standing in a room full of loved ones. we sat in south beach traffic to grocery shop, (i wore my coziest sailor inspired tee, and he matched me in stripes too!) and we cooked. i made spring rolls and matt cooked sliders with homemade buns. it was a beautiful evening in our tiny south beach apartment. ♥

blouse: sheinside
shorts: J.crew
shoes/sunnies: vintage