champagne from a paper cup.

hello there, happy saturday! it's a hot one over here.. the weather has been so hot and cold lately. one day it is 80, the next it is 60. who knows. all i know is IT IS OUR WEDDING MONTH.

everything is beginning to feel real. our best friend max from amsterdam arrived yesterday for the wedding, and in another week  a ton of my family members will be starting to fly in. i am so so glad i planned ahead, and i am not stressed or scrambling at the last minute. i can truthfully say i am officially not stressed at all, and on to that part where i soak in every single second of the next two weeks. i wish my brain had a recording device so i could remember all of my special and favorite moments forever. like the way matt looked at me while we were having our dance lesson, or the look on my dad's face when we talked about him 'giving me away,' or all of the champagne toasts we've had with friends over the past week! *please brain, never let me forget this* :) Seeya soon, have a great weekend! xo

blouse: j.crew
skirt: j.crew
shoes: chicwish
bag: Forever21