a peek into my little brown satchel ☁☁

here's a little peek into the story of my life, my bag! it travels with me everywhere, and most of the time you can find these little trinkets inside!

1. fun sunnies// i usually pick a new pair of sunnies each week! this week it has been these cute springtime glasses from forever21.

2. a cute floral wallet// matt snagged me this as a birthday gift two years ago from anthro. it is still my fave. the photos are a few old favorites that i keep in my wallet. one is me and my brother when we were little, and the ticket is to my graduation from college!

3. store keys// i ALWAYS guard the keys to my work with my life, so they stay in my site always. a co-worker got me this cute NY keychain, i keep it on to remind me of my goals and where i want to end up.

4. MAC prolongwear lipstick// this stuff is amazing. it's lipstick and gloss all in one. ever since i bought it, i bring it with me every day.

5. my planner// i know i need a cuter planner, but this one serves a serious purpose. without this little guy my life would be so disorganized. i write down everything.

6. kate spade change purse// one of my bridesmaids, sara, got this for me at my bachelorette weekend. i had been eyeing it for months-- best gift ever!

7. last minute polish// this love & beauty polish from forever21 is my favorite.

8. a compact mirror// you never know when you may have something in your teeth! :) this one is from Forever21.

what's the most important item in your bag? i definitely could not live without my planner. i may even bring it with me over my wallet, i am not even kidding :)