rainy day feeling

rainy days are poetic in my mind. maybe standing in the drizzling rain for outfit pictures ISNT, but i think these pictures capture my sentiments perfectly. the world feels grainy, my eyes feel heavy and my creativity feels endless. my wedding is in 1 month, and i am enjoying running down my list of projects.

florida has been "cold" lately (it really has been! 50 for us is cold!) so i have been loving all of my winter clothing i never get to wear. staple brown boots, check. quirky scarf, check. not being a part of the zero degree eyelash freezing weather up north... big check!

i hope you notherners survived. xo.

blouse: vintage
skirt: romwe
tights: h & m
bow: AA
boots: seychelles Could Be
scarf: "pepaloves"