that time when our VW van broke down in Kings Canyon.

excessive photos alert. there were so many more, trust me. this is where our journey ended. our little van named Sunny D broke down when we entered kings canyon 6,000 feet up. I guess the elevation didn't help her out much, and she wouldn't start. we ended up having to get her towed all the way down to the closest town and rent a car for our drive back to LA. It all added to the experience i think :) i wouldn't trade the warm and cozy nights sleeping in the VW for ANYTHING. matt would cook fajita dinner and i'd make after-dinner coffee, and we would sit in our cozy pj's and read. it's a trip i will hold onto forever. my "pre-wedding moon" :)

i thrifted this sweater specifically for the trip. it reminded me of california for some reason. it didn't keep me THAT cozy, but it looks pretty good next to the van! normal posts will be back now! xo!

sweater: vintage
skirt: romwe
shoes: vintage
hat: h & m

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