Carmel & the Tale of the Bolero Hat.

after a few days of being in california, i started peace signing in my photos. i'm cheesy. but i now understand why so many "californians" are compelled to do this! we went to this quaint adorable town called Carmel, and 5 minutes into being on the beach, my hat was windswept into the ocean. all of you vintage hat collectors out there probably understand how sad this is :( but we went to a hat store, and they helped us comb the sand off! now it is as good as new!

we ate dinner one town over in this cute seafood restaurant on the pier. scenic drives and perfect weather, i could get used to this ;) but i have to say, driving home along the PCH at night had me on the edge of my seat. here's some AA riding pants styled up. i was on the cusp about this purchase, but the amazing color had me sold. they are mighty tight for my taste, but i think with an oversized top they can be cute!

blouse: vintage
necklace: vintage
pants: AA
shoes: vintage
hat: vintage
sweater: Gap