all things December.

december on south beach to me means the vintage fair is back on sundays, christmas lights are up on the balconies lining all of my favorite alleyways and even though it isn't even close to 50 degrees, my sweaters are worn. it's the time of year for vintage ties, red lips and endless amounts of walks down the familiar streets of my neighborhood. matt picked me up from work and we walked around and took these. when the weather is this nice, we prop the door open at work and this fresh feeling fills the whole store. it's quite lovely.

i must admit, i am a true romantic, and one of my most favorite things to romanticize about are the seasons. i just love the fall and winter months, even if they are so mild here. there's this feeling in the air, like everyone is just happy to be alive. i know i am. two days until i leave to california. cannot wait to update with photos from our roadtrip! ♥

sweater: j.crew
tie: vintage
jeans: j.crew
shoes: vintage