2014 promises.

christmas day was full of windy walks with all of the dogs, my boys, my mom's turkey and my best friend courtney. lately i have been feeling really in control of my own destiny. there's nothing more sad to me than spending this life in an unhappy place. i always want to chase happiness. 2013 has been a year full of successes and hardships-- one of the most positive and negative filled years of my life. i've grown from both equally. i cannot wait for a fresh start, and a blank future that i have the ability to create myself.

in 2014 i promise to:
♥ move to NYC
♥ never stop working as hard as i can and trying my best
♥ take time to kiss claude and matt
♥ wake up earlier and run more
♥ never be afraid of change. change is good
♥ make goals and reach them
♥ thrift & sew!
♥ never stop searching

have a beautiful new year, and i will see you in 2014! xo

sweater: romwe
skirt: romwe
shoes: vintage
bag: pepaloves