the fare field: on a shoot with matty!

matt is one of my biggest inspirations, but this time he has outdone himself! i came along on a shoot for a new project he is working on called "the fare field" and found myself asking (actually, begging) if i could come along on the rest of the shoots!

he is working with emily codik, food critic for the miami new times and muriel, a local farmer at little river market garden to create an artistic, farm-to-table cooking show! basically, talented miami chefs will pick local veggies with muriel, and create a meal to cook on the farm right in front of us (and a meal that can be re-created)! the best part-- we get to eat the meal at the end of the day!

the first episode (which matt is editing right now) is going to be released on november 6th. it features local chef matt hinckley. i am just excited to be a part of the process, and to have been there to take these snaps :) if you are a local miamian, or a cooking lover, you can follow their instagram here.