Grown ups are certainly very strange.

hello vintage, it's me steffy. i am back to wearing you! i finally had a chance to thrift this past week, and am so over the moon to be wearing some new fun fall vintage staples! i am so busy with wedding planning that i won't be selling any of it (yet), but after the wedding i will add a big listing to my store!

here's a few snapshots of our walk to juice and java, which is a few blocks from our house. their salads are delicious and they even have outdoor seating so claude can tag along. it's about that time of year that my knee highs come out, and im going to fully take advantage. ♥ now if only the weather could drop below 60.... !

blouse: vintage
dress: F21
socks: tabbisocks
shoes: vintage
hat: vintage
bag: "Pepaloves"