everyday snapshots.

i lead a simple life, and simple things make me happy. i think sometimes when you have a blog, and you attend events, and you begin posting fabulous photos taken on expensive lenses of your perfectly planned out outfits, your life can start to look a little bit glossy. but here is my reality-- i live in a small 1 bedroom home on south beach. my bathroom usually leaks. sometimes (like this week) my AC breaks in the same day that my sink clogs. most of my furniture is beautiful thrifted finds that i purchased for under $10. my kitchen doesn't fit all of our kitchen gadgets, so we stuff them all above the fridge. we usually take walks to our local starbucks for coffees (and take outfit pictures along the way), and then we drink them while we watch claude eat her food (if she eats it, she is a picky eater). all of our bread is from our friend zak the bread baker, and matt usually makes us sandwiches for lunch. that's what he is doing there :)

my life is a regular plain life. little things make me happy. i love my fiance and my dog. i look forward to one day living in new york. and i cherish the time in this little apartment where the light isn't so great, because one day i will look back at this time and miss it. ♥