days off in the gables.

matt sent me this really interesting article written by isabel slone titled "fashion blogging is dead." isabel used to write the blog hipster musings at the beginning of the fashion blogger era and i used to read her blog back in the day.

anyway, i thought it was a really great article with strong points, and it made me deeply think / wonder why i still blog. it isn't for the free clothes (trust me). it's definitely not for money, as my blog hardly makes me any income. i definitely don't read as many blogs as i used to because of all of the reasons she listed in her article. but... i came to my own conclusion that i blog because i just really enjoy dressing up, and i love photography. i know i won't blog forever, but i honestly cannot see myself losing the excitement of putting on a perfect (in-my-eyes) outfit for the day! during a sad or stressful week, nothing soothes me more than trying on fun outfits and thinking of all the beautiful color combinations living in my closet ♥ i love all of the people i meet and have met along the way, but trust me when i say i NEVER started a blog for the reason of meeting people, nor did i think anyone would actually even read my blog. sometimes i still wonder if anyone actually reads it.

i think it is sad that blogging has veered so far off of the path of what it originally represented. sometimes i read back on my own content, and feel like my first year was my peak. but hopefully a few of us girls will stick around out of love for doing this, and there will always be new inspiration floating around the web. :) here's some of mine.. a kitschy outfit for a day off. clothes are fun :)

p.s. i got my haircuit, it's so much less grungy now! =D

blouse: sheinside
shorts: UO
cardi: vintage
bag: modcloth
socks: tabbisocks
hat/glasses: vintage