buffalo checks & vintage trousers.

I've been wearing a lot of "holiday plaids" mixed with vintage finds. I love feeling like Annie Hall on the way to a holiday party. It's sort of a shame to me how easy it is to gravitate toward comfortable jeans and sweaters these days. i will admit that tight high waisted trousers are not the most comfortable, but there's something beautiful about being dressed up all the time. it really puts me in the shoes of women back in the 1950's/60's. While i am a lover of denim (sometimes) i truly believe that it took some of the fun out of fashion for us women! :)

I wore this for a morning of thrifting with my parents. My dad is building me a door for my seating chart at the wedding, but we thought maybe we could find one. no such luck! I am off to soak in the thanksgiving vibes around me, have a lovely day.

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pants: vintage
shoes: vintage
hat: vintage