wedding questions 101: how did you address your invites? says that at 3 months until the big day wedding invites should be sent out. that leaves me with only about 25 days until i have to send out my invitations :) i know, it is coming up so quickly!! I had not put too much thought into how i wanted to address my invitations, but you bet now i am. at first i decided to get some quotes from calligraphers, but then after clicking around online i realized i could probably undertake the project myself!

to be 100% honest, not every invitation is perfect. some have minor mistakes, others are a little shaky, but you know what, they are personal! Every single invite has been touched and filled out by me. they take about 5 minutes per letter, and i am loving every second of doing it. i think it is the best decision i have made so far. there's so many nights i stay up until 2AM with a candle lit and jazz playing filling out my wedding invites. i will always cherish these moments. ♥

how did you address your invites? did anyone else write theirs themselves?