having a blog means always being "put together" or "dressed up" because in my life at least, if matty and i are spending a day together we are also usually taking outfit pictures at some point. it's not that i am dressing up just for the blog, exactly, but it does add a little bit of pressure to not look sloppy or underdressed, because who wants to read about that on a style blog? lately i have been missing those days of throwing on pants, boots and a tee. it feels good to be casual, and part of me doesn't even remember how! it's hard to feel okay with my outfit when i walk out of the house in denim and a tee! do any of you bloggers feel the same?

nonetheless, here is a casual day for me, because it is honestly all i had time to photograph so far this week! i have been working from morning- after sunset, so pictures are a no-go! i wore this on my day off to stop into the store for a phone call & to walk around the beach with matt! i can't wait to take these boots for lots of fall walks this season! i am off tomorrow and am sending out bridal shower invites with my momma. SO EXCITED! have a great night!

tee: furor
jeans: Forever21
boots: vintage