pumpkin pickin' bliss ♥

year # 3 at the little farm in homestead picking pumpkins with matty. every year i am shocked that i am still residing in miami (and that it is still 85 degrees at the end of october), but every year i am still really excited to be carrying on my moms tradition of carving a pumpkin! hopefully there's only 1 more year left of "fake autumn" until i get to spend a real one on NY! i told matt that i think i am going to shed a tear of happiness when we get to wear scarves and sweaters on our way to pick a pumpkin. it isn't a lie! anyway, i look forward to THIS day of pumpkin picking for 365 days of the year. it's hands down the best day of every year.

i found our pumpkin right away, this perfect round beauty! i decided to be silly and wear some cat tights. they were a halloween hit! i don't know if i can get away with them past oct. 31! we're putting together our costume this week ( & preparing for our engagement photos!) cant wait to share them all ♥

blouse: thrifted
skirt: romwe
bag: for sale in my store
tights: tabbisocks
shoes: vintage