little red slippers.

brunch at the Beach Drive Inn ♥ these are the times in life i cherish. i've been in a life rut this week. the thing about life that i find silly is that the times we love and cherish the most happen the least. why can't life be more about play and less about work? not that i don't love work... but i just want to be around family more ♥ and travel more ♥ and cook more ♥ ... and spend 20 hours on an art project whenever my creative energy inspires me to. life IS a lot about finding a balance, but lately i feel like i am missing the mark. 

how come those special moments when i am surrounded by everyone i love have to be so few and far between? does anyone else sometimes get in a huff about these realities too? or am i the only cry baby in town :)

blouse: vintage
suspenders: vintage
shorts: UO
shoes: j.crew
bag: vintage

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